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Originally from Portland Oregon, Rhonda has used her gift most of her life.  In fact, she has experienced the “paranormal” since early childhood.  Rhonda’s gifts include:  Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clear Knowing or Claircognizance, Psychometry, Remote Viewing, and Mediumship.  As a Psychic, she is able to provide insight and direction for her clients which she believes leads to a stronger self empowerment. As a Medium, Rhonda has the ability to connect her clients with loved ones who have crossed over.  Some of her clients are producers, Hollywood executives, musicians, and celebrities.

 Rhonda has been communicating with spirits since the age of five and providing readings for nearly two decades.

Unlike many mediums, who consider “ghosts” to be earthbound spirits, Rhonda believe that most spirits have successfully crossed over but return frequently to re-visit their loved ones and favorite places on the physical plane.  Rhonda’s gifts include Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clear Knowing or Claircognizance, Psychometry, Remote Viewing, and Mediumship.

 Rhonda uses her gifts full time to reunite people with their deceased loved ones, guide people into the future and bring healing into peoples lives. The messages that come through to are deeply compelling, and occasionally humorous.

Often times Rhonda works with psychic kids and adults to assist them in understanding their gifts, dealing with their sensitivity, and helping them to utilize their gifts in a positive fashion.

While everyone has a sixth sense, children are generally more in tune and have not yet been influenced by society.  Some people have stronger gifts than others, just as some people are really good at math, others have an amazing athletic ability, and still others are great at building things:  We all have our strengths and weaknesses.  Some people are REALLY psychic while others are not as much.

Being psychic or medium can manifest in diverse ways.  For example, two people with the same ability to communicate with the deceased may, in fact, communicate and experience their gifts in totally different manners.  For example, one may hear spirits while the other may see spirits or they may experience both!

Rhonda’s goal is to guide my students with their own personal growth as a Psychic, Medium, or both!

Speaking Copy

Rhonda has co-authored a new book called “Speaking With the Spirits of the Old Southwest” along with her husband Dwight, and friend Dan Baldwin.  You can purchase your copy at: https://www.llewellyn.com/product.php?ean=9780738756745

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