My name is Sandra Fabbri Nash and I am writing to tell all of you what a Blessing, Rhonda has been to me.I have had a few readings with her and have been very happy. She is accurate, helpful, kind and a very good person.These last few months since I have been in contact with her on occasions I have felt a greater peace. I have asked her about certain personal situations, she responded with grace and truth and yes what she said did happen.Rhonda is a very gifted psychic. She has helped me immensely, I recommend her highly. Sometimes in life you just need to know and you want someone you can trust. All I can say is I am Happy, Thank You Rhonda
Sandra Fabbri Nash


“Rhonda is a gifted and talented psychic medium. Additionally she is extremely well versed in paranormal studies. A true pleasure to deal with.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Thank you for sharing your gift to communicate with those who have passed on. I’m forever grateful.

Hi Rhonda! I just wanted to let you know that I took some time and thought about everything we had talked about during my reading. And after talking with my mom I know for sure that the female spirit around me is my Aunt. My aunt had promised to her granddaughter the watch that you described. A gold Timex with a thin band.There was a big fight over it but her granddaughter did get it. I also found out that there was ALOT of fighting over her personal possessions as well as some arguments over something big that was never supposed to be discussed. No surprise she is very unhappy now. Still trying to figure out whats with my kitchen and small appliances, but I’m being very careful not to keep anything plugged in. I should have asked you when we were talking, but I was wondering if she needs help getting to the other side? Is she stuck here or was she just trying to let me know she is unhappy with the way the family acted after her passing? I also want to thank you for the sage, I got it yesterday 🙂 Im going to burn it later tonight and ask for clarity and for anything negative to leave. As for everyhting else, I wont be moving closer to Benson for my husbands job, he has decided to finish his degree and persue a better job near the Phoenix area. We are all also happy to know that Nan will be around for a few more years even is she is starting to have a little dementia. And lastly, I am still getting signs not to give up on the other one in my life, after my cleansing I’m hoping I will know how to deal with that. I do think that like you said, sometimes indecisive people need a nudge to get going. It would be nice to see him In Dec, and like you has said before, have the welcome changes start. I will keep in touch and let you know how things are going. Thanks again!!

When i had my reading, Rhonda was very understanding and very accurate. I was able to heal from childhood trauma and overcame a grievious upset. This healed me on so many levels and I was and am able to become whole again. Rhonda is more than amazing: She gives powerful insights from The Other Side and can give the answers you need,not just merely seek, but need, to heal, move on and live!!
My breath was taken away when Rhonda read for me. 23 yrs ago was the last words uttered from my father until Rhonda was able to allow him to speak, the tears that ran down my face was more than I can imagine. A blessing on the very day I needed a fathers love to speak to me…I know I met her for a reason not a season but now a lifetime. She has a gift and she is more than a blessing to me….thank you Rhonda! Wink now let’s see if this man is on his way…oh I sure hope its on a white horse…lol the white horse was my part. :).

Rhonda read for me the other day, she told me some interesting things that are to come into my life, one is in March, she says please keep me updated, that right there means she cares and really feels that what she said is going to happen. I needed some validation so I validation, I emailed her and asked her if she would mind telling me something about me that she did not know. She emailed me back and said yes. Well later that night I was texting my sister in bed, I got a text and thought it was from my sister. I proceeded to get out of bed holding my left hip. When I returned to bed picked up phone to find the text was from Rhonda, she said I see something going on with left thigh, knee, nothing serious…OMG, there it was…validation…I am looking forward to more readings and to March, rather Mr. March (: coming into my life….she also took the time to email more info. I think she is a wonderful giving woman with a gift.

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